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I don’t Wanna

There are so many other beneficial things we could make a priority to fit into our daily lives. A few of my “I don’t wannas” include some of the simplest tasks like washing my make-up off at night or even flossing and brushing my teeth.

Win The Day

Win the day, what does that mean? Most of the time I see this phrase used as a way to promote or brag about something on Instagram, but I think there is deeper meaning behind those words. What it takes to win the day will be unique for each person, but the idea really boils down to three basic fundamentals.

Baby Steps

You can see the fear in her eyes when she gets into standing position and knows she needs to take a step forward. Her little wheels in her head begin to turn and she almost talks herself out of it.

Follow your calling- Finding your way

IMG_2609Listen to your heart. It knows all things, because it came from the soul of the world. And It will one day return there.” –Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

How do I find what my calling is? Where do I start? I don’t hear anything?

Is that you? Are you sitting here desperately trying to figure out why you don’t hear voices?? I am kidding, because of course whatever is calling you is not an actual voice. Its calling you from deep within, pulling you to do something, but maybe you can’t figure out what that message is. Here are a few steps to get you on the right track

1. Keep it organic. Start by tuning into your own heart more, what makes it beat? It’s a calling, so you have to learn how to listen. Try really hard to remember what peaked your interest during your childhood. What got your attention? Start there. Experiment with the things that get you excited or fascinate you. It may have been something you didn’t have the means to try, now is your chance. Or maybe it was something you started, and loved but had to give up because life got in the way. Get back to the place where you were completely happy no matter how silly it seems.

2. Find a way to quiet your head, it’s the only way your heart will get a minute to speak. A lot of times, the first thing we try to do is look around and see what makes everyone else happy. Looking around at others will only cause you to feel discouraged. Look within instead. I always recommend mediation for anyone seeking a deeper purpose in life. Think of your heart as a well, your purpose is deep within and completely inherent but it takes a lot of digging before you can tap in. Meditation is one of those things that sounds a little crazy to anyone who has never tried it.  It’s definitely not fun at first, but once you get it down, you begin to see immediate results. I promise it gets easier with time.

3. Don’t force it. These days we can pretty much have anything we want at the snap of a finger. In my own experience, the harder I tried to force something out, the more unattainable it was. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your life’s calling right away. Just follow the bread crumbs. Once you begin to seek your calling, you will see how the universe begins to pave the way. You may begin one pursuit and connect with someone who leads you to something completely different. You may be lead a certain way because there is a lesson you need to learn first. You may need to go down five or six paths before you hit the right one.  But it all starts with that little fire you feel or that little voice that is calling you. Start there, and see where it takes you. Trust your own light, trust your own voice, and you will end up where you need to be.

Coming Soon: Follow your calling- Not the gold