The Shift

The problem

In my industry, the real estate business, there are lots of ups and downs. The job gets stressful with all of the unexpected twists and turns. Many times I have been in situations where I’ve got multiple deals on the verge of falling through and there was nothing I could do to make things better. I am talking my whole month’s salary crashing and burning before my eyes. When things like that start to take a turn for the worse, it’s really difficult to pull myself out of a negative mindset. I begin to imagine the worse of all outcomes, I am grumpy with my family and overall I end up with nothin but a bad attitude. Because of that, I would never really get out of the cycle of things going wrong. It’s times like this which propel more bad outcomes. I believe that thinking the worse and being angry is a normal reaction for most of us when things go wrong. Especially when it seems like the cycle is never going to end.

The way out

Focusing on everything that is going wrong is a sure fire way to stay stuck in the cycle of everything going wrong. Eventually I learned this lesson and I finally knew the reason why I kept getting stuck in those cycles. I never took the opportunity to shift and break free from that cycle. I learned that when something good does happen, even the slightest and smallest event, acknowledge it within your mind and be thankful for it. Make a statement out loud that everything has officially taken a turn for the best and things will start looking up. Pinpoint the shift. Declare that from this point on, everything starts to work in your favor. This sounds simple, and maybe even a little silly. Maybe it is, but it takes lots of practice to get out of a negative mindset. I have read that it takes a minimum of 21 days before a new habit can replace an old one. It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re trying something new and results don’t immediately set in. But, making the effort to notice the positive turning points in life has helped me get through the tough days and I am sure it will help anyone else who tries it too.

The Shift

Once I made it a priority to note these shifts for the better, and practiced focusing more on the good, I noticed that everything as a whole began to shift as well. My patience with my daughters improved. I was able to remove my thoughts from the areas of my life that were going wrong and I could still enjoy my day. I realized that while I was focusing on nothing but the negative, I was missing everything that was going right. I was missing out on those happy moments with my family. I was ungrateful for the lady who let me in when traffic was bad. I didn’t want to talk to friends who were calling. My circumstances may not have immediately changed but I was at least able to enjoy my day more.

The Outcome

Eventually everything does get better and you make it through whatever life throws at you. But while you’re in the midst of it, seek the positive and see how much it changes everything around you. I hope you have a great week.

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