The Waves

Our favorite summer pastime is going to the beach. Since we live in South Texas, we have the privilege of going often. I especially look forward to this time at the beach when my husband is there to watch the girls. He will take a few minutes and watch them while I sneak out to the water alone. I really like to swim out to where the waves are breaking and move through until I am on the side where everything is calm. This is the way I like to ground my self and connect to the earth. It always brings a sense of peace.

Just a few weeks ago we were celebrating Memorial Day on the beach. My oldest daughter caught me as I attempted to sneak away and asked if she could go with me. The waves were a little rough that day but I decided she is probably old enough to handle it, and more importantly, this might be a good way for her to learn how to ground herself too. I told her “Okay, you can come, but it can get a little scary so you have to trust me.”, with that she nodded her head and we were off.

As we walked out, she noticed the waves getting bigger and I could see fear on her face as we traveled farther from the shore. I held her hand and encouraged her to keep going. She also noticed that she began to lose her footing some and that the water was getting deeper.  All of a sudden remembered the story on the news about the 14 foot shark they just caught at the nearby pier and began to panic. We had just gotten past the first breaking point so I stopped and asked her if she was sure she wanted to keep going. I could tell she wasn’t so I told her “We just have to get past this second set of waves and then on the other side it’s calm. You don’t have to go if you don’t want to, but if you do, you’ll get to see something pretty cool.”  She was skeptical but decided to trust and continue on. The waves were getting pretty big and the water was deeper but after only a minute or two, we arrived safely on the other side. The water was calm and quiet and we were alone.  She turned and looked around and was shocked to see how far we had come. “This is pretty cool mom.”, she said “I’m glad I stuck it out.”  We sat there for a while and enjoyed the calm before heading back.

The point of this story is that life throws so much at us, and a lot of times, we just feel like giving up. There are times when it feels like there are non-stop waves crashing down on us and we just can’t get our footing in life. A lot of times I catch myself having a similar conversation like the one I had with my daughter but instead with God. The only difference is that I am the scared child and he is the patient parent assuring me that everything is okay and he will not let anything happen to me. What if we were just to let go and trust in the process and trust that God has a plan? It’s scary because we don’t know what to expect and we usually make a point to avoid anything that is outside of our comfort zone. Half of the time, we feel like we are not even going to get through it, much less get to the other side of situations. But somehow we always do. Sometimes you’re beat up and soaking wet and those tough times really do us in. But challenges and struggles are often opportunities to experience personal growth or come out of it with an important lesson learned. I have heard and read so many personal stories about traumatic experiences leading to blessings one never thought were possible.

Listen to that voice inside that is ensuring you everything will be okay. It’s scary and what is on the other side is unknown. But if we learn to trust, and keep pushing through the waves life throws at us, we can come out with a blessing.

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