Baby Steps


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Confucius

I’ve got to get pretty raw with everyone this morning. It has been almost two weeks since I have published anything and it’s not because I don’t have the time or even the material. I’ve got 2 drafts in the pipeline just waiting to be edited. So what’s the issue? Well, I am completely intimidated and feel like my writing is way below par compared to other blogs I follow and that discourages me. I am well aware that reading is the best way to become a better writer, so that’s what I have been doing. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the amazing writing in the WordPress community. But I have also got down on myself. The more I read, the more I start getting into my own head. Thoughts like “what the hell are you thinking? You are no where near good enough to capture an audience. You are wasting your time” begin to take over. Every time I wold start writing something I would finish the draft, take a look over and instead of editing I would slam the computer shut and go eat a cookie or something to make myself feel better. This has to be the equivalent of what we see on tv when a writer is chain smoking and crumbling papers up just to throw them on top of the other crumpled papers overflowing in the trash can.

But last night, someone I love very much inspired me. It was my 12 month old daughter. She is my third baby and she is trying so hard to start walking. You can see the fear in her eyes when she gets into standing position and knows she needs to take a step forward. Her little wheels in her head begin to turn and she almost talks herself out of it. So far, every step she does take, ends up with her on the floor. The picture at the top is an actual picture of her right after she fell. Look how happy she is. It’s almost as if falling down was sort of fun. Just like every other baby on the planet who has learned to walk, she will keep trying and eventually, I will be chasing her around the house, begging her to sit still.

Watching her last night gave me the idea for this post. What if we all had that tenacity, that persistence about us? What would we accomplish? What if we weren’t worried about what it looked like when we fell or maybe stepped in the wrong direction? What if despite failing 100 times we kept going and eventually took off like we are meant to do? Imagine what we could be if we had the mindset of baby, pushing on no matter how many times we fall. If we kept our eye on our purpose and our goal, the other factors wouldn’t affect us so much and we would get where we need to go. Everybody has to start some where and no one starts off running.

When it comes to writing for an audience I am an infant. I may not capture the attention of every person who stops by. But other than writing because it makes me feel good, I write because I feel like I have something to say that could touch someone else’s life. I started this blog because I wanted to encourage people and I wanted to put a little light into someone’s day. So really, if I can take that one step forward, put out one mediocre post, and maybe touch one person with maybe just one line, then I have reached my goal. I might even get to a point where I can brighten two people’s day with one post, how about that for a goal! So, if you are stuck in the same place, with the same negative thoughts taking over, and you are ready to give up, I encourage you to keep working on those steps. Let’s keep moving forward together until we are running all over the house getting into cabinets and driving everyone around us crazy with our enthusiasm for life.

P.S. While writing the title of this post, all I could think about was an older movie called “What about Bob” with Bill Murray. It is this hilarious movie about this guy who is sort of crazy but also very likeable. He thinks he has just about every mental disease there is and his therapist (who is just trying to get him off his hands) introduces him to the idea of baby steps. He encourages him just take baby steps for everything he is afraid. So throughout the entire movie Bill Murray, who plays Bob, walks along repeating “Baby steps to get on the elevator, baby steps to push the button” and so on for everything else. Anyway it just made me giggle and if you need a laugh and are a fan of Bill Murray, I highly recommend that you look this movie up.

3 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Don’t ever be discouraged when you write (that’s me telling myself to take the same advice) because if you’re trying to put across an idea and it doesn’t quite make the cut your readers will ask you to explain what you mean. Don’t compare yourself to others either – they aren’t YOU! It’s only YOU who can tell your story. I love the joy on your daughter’s face. The picture itself speaks a million words. And one more thing…. don’t write for an audience, write to someone else – your daughter maybe, for her to read when she’s older. Don’t give up.

    1. …and what I wanted to add, but forgot was you write beautifully. You write straight from the heart and that’s a gift worth holding on to.

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback David! I want to say that I was actually inspired to start this blog because of a book I am writing for my daughter. It is a book of advice that I wish my mother would have passed down. I was thinking that maybe there are lots of others out there whose mother didn’t pass on a whole lot of wisdom to them so I created this blog so I could do that. So while i’m not writing to impress anyone. I am writing for anyone who could be enlightened or inspired in some way. Keeping that in mind definitely helps my perspective when writing. I hope you get something out of it when you read. Thank you again!! 🙂

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