Hi Honey

Eat thou honey, because it is good” Proverbs 24:13

If you have stopped by to learn about honey, you have stopped at the wrong blog. That is not to say there will never be a post about actual honey and all of it’s benefits, because I could go on and on about all of its uses.

No, this blog was created to share my life’s stories and lessons learned along the way. So why the honey theme? I initially wanted to create a theme for my page centered around my new last name. I love that my last name starts with a B. I feel like the honey bee has become my adopted spirit animal since taking my new last name. It’s inspired me to use lots of cute little bees in my home decor which makes me happy. As I was thinking and developing my ideas about what the central theme of my blog would be, I knew I wanted to incorporate some of the wisdom I have picked up while living and raising my girls. What a better metaphor to relate wisdom to than honey? It’s natural, it’s sweet, and has so many healing benefits. Hopefully anything beneficial you see here will be just as sticky as honey too.

So expect lots of little stories and experiences that have taught me something. There might even be a few life hacks, recipes or reviews I will share. Whatever I do share will be real, raw, and straight from the heart. My hopes in sharing are to give a little inspiration and knowledge for all visitors to apply to their own lives. In a world full of ugly, I hope to share some light and positivity for those who need it. If nothing else, I hope my readers get a little laugh to get them through the day. Think of the honey you will find on this blog as food for your soul.



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